PMA offers a full range of management services, available as a tailored, comprehensive management package or individually, to suit each client's needs.

Pre-Design Phase Services:
PMA's project management can benefit the owner from the earliest stages of the project. We can conduct a needs analysis, establish or confirm the budget, set forth a schedule that encompasses the owner's priorities, and assist in selecting the architect and other necessary consultants.

Design Phase Services:
PMA works with design professionals to assure that design documents are completed on time. PMA provides the "boiler plate", which has been well-honed over the years and offers the best protection to the owner. Because our staff includes experienced professionals, we are especially well qualified to establish effective team relationships that advance the project goals. 

Bid & Award Phase Services:
Once the design documents are sufficiently complete, PMA uses information gathered in the pre-design and phases to identify qualified contractors for the various components of the project. Our staff has an excellent track record with regard to developing bid packages that best suit the needs of the project and the priorities of the owner. PMA conducts pre-bid conferences manages addenda if required, secures the bids, makes recommendations for the awarding of contracts, and secures the executed contracts, bonds, certificates of insurance, and permits necessary for construction.

Construction Phase Services:
PMA has found that the on-site manager is an indispensible component of effective project management. Based on the project needs, PMA assigns project managers, contract administrators and any required support personnel to assure complete oversight of construction progress. During this vital phase, PMA's presence on the job has saved owners hundreds of thousands of dollars on individual projects, on most occasions generating savings in excess of our fees!

Post-Construction Phase Services:
Once the building is up, PMA doesn't just pack up and leave. In the post-construction and move-in phases of the project, PMA organizes all the documentation for all of the equipment installed in the building so instruction manuals and warranties are readily accessible. We prepare a complete operations manual for the owner's use so that the transition to owner-management of the facility is smooth and trouble-free. If special training is required for the owner's maintenance staff, PMA coordinates with the owner to assure that the appropriate personnel are adequately trained on any new equipment. Additionally, we provie the follow-up serviceduring the warranty period. 

We value ongoing relationships with our clients and we go the extra mile to provide our clients with the very best service. 

Budget and Cost Management:
PMA maintains a staff of experienced cost analysts and estimators who are able to formulate construction cost data for budget development/verification based on the programmatic requirements. Drawing from historic cost databases, market surveys, cost verifications, comparative data on the project type and recent experience, we develop a cost model of the project construction components. This cost information can be used to make facility program decisions and revisions necessary to achieve budget compliance. Phase estimates are provided as a cost status check against the cost model to assure that the final design plans and specifications are within the established budget parameters. As necessary, value analyses and cost trade-off studies are performed to optimize the design within the budget.

Our cost analysts are able, through review of in-process design drawings, to anticipate schedule and budget constraints and employ the use of a design change order document in order to communicate the cost impact of design variance to the original program and cost model.

Schedule and Time Management:
We have extensive experience in scheduling all project team members' activities, including all design phase activities, approvals, procurement constraints, reviews, meetings and conferences, bids, awards and construction commencement. The schedule identifies activities required for completing the total project, while recognizing those activities that require phased construction and/or early procurement. Therefore, an appropriate tool is developed for gauging when the design must be completed for bid, award and construction. Reviews are conducted at regular intervals, usually on a weekly basis.

In preparation of bid documents, we recommend the inclusion of a provisional time-phased CPM network demonstrating how one way tasks may be performed on schedule. Consequently, as a part of the bid response, the contractor(s) will either review and accept that schedule and submit it, or submit an alternative schedule, provided the dates for substantial completion, final completion, and/or any critical interface dates with other sub-contractors or equipment deliveries on the job do not change.

Claims Management:
PMA has considerable expertise in claims prevention, mitigation and resolution. PMA has provided analyses and support documentation for litigation and provides expert witness testimony. Our focus, however, is on the prevention, mitigation and resolution of potential claims before they become claims. This is best accomplished by proper coverage by site personnel and adequate documentation. PMA will resolve claims when they occur if at all possible. A collection of unresolved claims at the end of a project is more likely to lead to litigation. Resolution or prevention of claims also depends on establishing and maintaining a detailed and accurate schedule throughout the project.

Management Information Control System:
Our Information System specialists develop a Management Information System (MIS) to suit the specific information requirements and reporting needs of the project and the owner. With advanced technology and available software applications, our MIS coordinators can achieve the primary objective of our MIS - that is, to assemble and distribute in a timely, organized fashion the many types of information that are needed to efficiently and economically manage a project from inception to completion, to promote effective decision making, and to provide prompt, current status reporting.

Technical Inspection:
As an integral part of the construction phase management, PMA routinely provides Technical Inspection services with in-house inspectors knowledgeable in the discipline or construction element requiring inspection. We provide quality control procedures prepared by PMA or the owner for all prime contractors and assure compliance with these procedures on a daily basis. Daily field reports, logs, and specific quality reports are prepared in the field. Non-conforming work is cited immediately, followed by recommended remedial action in conjunction with the A/E.

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